Pay Per Call Advertising

Finding new customers for your business is hard. Most conventional advertising methods are expensive and do not guarantee results.

There are of course lead generation companies that charge per lead but many businesses have been disappointed by purchasing leads in the past.

There are mainly two reasons for this:

1) Many lead providers sell the leads to multiple buyers. This pushes businesses to compete on price only.

2) It is not easy to get the lead on the phone. After long battles trying to get a hold of the lead most business give up on following up.

Luckily for these advertisers, offers exclusive pay per call service where real time phone leads are generated from different marketing channels and sent directly to advertisers phone exclusively.

A unique tracking phone number will be placed on websites that rank at the top of search engine results, inside promotional emails, and display banner ads and even radio and TV ads that will promote your product or service.

Here is the best part about our service. First minute of the call is absolutely free. For example: prospects calls your business and if call duration is less than 1 minute, you don’t pay us anything. If call lasts more than 60 seconds we get paid a flat fee per call. No per minute fees or monthly fees or long term contract to worry about.

Prospects are not shared with your competitors. Each call is recorded and reported in the online dashboard that advertisers have access to 24/7.

Businesses can finally focus on their business while the phone rings with new customers.

Let us handle your marketing. All you have to do is answer the phone and convert that prospect into a paying customer.

To start your pay per call campaign call us at (855) 771-4515 or fill out a contact us form.